Convert DVD Movies To iPod Using Windows

If you are interested in how to convert a video or a movie or upload it to your iPod, you came to the right place. The first thing you need to know is that iPod video format is mpeg4, and the resolution is 320×240. An average DVD movie is going to take approximately from 500 to 800 megabytes in this conversion.

You need to delete from your computer all the previous programs that you installed and that is not working or helping you on this journey of DVD conversion. This is quite important because some of the programs can wrongly interact with other ones creating a glitch in the system or slow performance of your desktop computer or laptop.

First of all, you need to be sure that your CD Rom can read DVD discs. Yes, not all of them read DVD, especially in this time where not all computers even have those readers. Now, if you have that, then it is time for you to download the software named DVD ripper (can be found on the various internet sites, download it from a trusted one). This and the rest of the software we will be talking about can be free of charge or with a small price, but you do need all of them.

All Free DVD RipperAnyway, after installing your DVD ripper, you can put your DVD into your computer. And yes, now you can transfer your DVD file into your hard disc. Congratulation! We are halfway there. Take your DVD disc out of your computer, try to play the file you transferred on your hard disk, and if the file is not working try to find right codecs for your player/DVD ripper, or download another software and try again. If you successfully completed these steps, let us move on. Now you have to download MPEG 4 encoder and iTunes and through the same principle as above, to convert your file from a computer to an MP4 of 320×240 resolution. Then, you need to transfer that file to your iPod, play it, and if it works – you are done!