Transfer All Of Your DVD Files And Movies To iPhone

Your main goal is to transfer your DVD file into the file that will be playable on your iPhone, meaning you are going to cut it at the resolution of 230×240 so it would be playable. Simple. But like every minimalistic plan, that just means that a lot of things can go wrong, or slow because we are talking about technology and we all know tech can be tricky… So prepare yourself to transfer your precious files and keep your nerves tight, you don’t wanna lose them through this process. The good thing is – we know how to do this:

All with the help of your computer

We tried this on our Windows desktop computers and laptops, so if you are using some other operating systems, we are not totally sure how it is going to works. In theory, it should be completely fine. Possible risks are just some lost time and failed process midway, but those risks are quite low. So, to begin, clean your computers from previous similar programs you have, and that wasn’t doing what you needed them to do. Why? So they donßt interrupt us through this process. After removing all that junk, create a folder where you will be keeping your DVD and your converted files, all in order to prevent the possible outcome of you losing those files somewhere on the computer. Now, we can begin.

Download DVD reaper, put your DVD in your CD – ROM, and transfer your files on your hard disc. Easy right? Possible problems are: you donßt have CD-ROM on your computer (that is the hole where disc goes, no discs are not wireless); your CD-ROM cant read DVD discs (yes, that can happen too, sorry); your DVD reaper is faulty (this is fixable, just download another one and try again). And don’t stress.

iPhoneAfter that, you should know that you are in the middle of this exciting journey, so be happy. But let’s do a quick check. Play that file. Not working? Check your player and if it is not about that, download another software and try again.

Now you just need to convert that DVD file and transfer it on your iPhone. How do you ask? Well, download some MPEG 4 encoders and iTunes, transfer your files to MP$ with the resolution of 320×240 and that should be it!