How To Convert Files To Be Used On Nokia Devices

Nokia phones are in again, and with so many different models of those phones, the users face a difficult problem: which video format do Nokia phones support and why there isn’t one format for all the phones? Well, I don’t know yet why every device doesn’t use the same format, but I know something else. Something more helpful. Nokia phones can play videos and movies in H.264 and 3GP formats. So, in order for you to be able to watch a movie on your Nokia mobile phone, you have to convert your files to these to formats. And you can do that easily, with a specific program called Nidesoft. Let’s find out what are H.264 and 3GP exactly.Nokia

H.264 video codec similar to MP4

This is a video codec and today it is the most used one. H.264 is very popular compression especially for videos in HD. The thing is – you can get a high-quality video that is somewhat low in bitrates. This codec is often used in HD DVD, Blu-ray, HDTV, and camcorders AVCHD.

MP4 is one of many encoded formats of H.264. Its full name is, in fact, MPEG-4 Part 14 and he is quite popular. In one single file, he can hold video, audio, images, and subtitles, and is playable on almost all devices. But the difference between MP4 and H.264 is that the first one is a file container format, and the second one is a video codec compression. H.264 files can be AVI, MVK or MP4. ripping your DVD in MP4 is faster but h.264 gives you better video quality.

3GP format

The files converted to 3GP are multimedia files. This video container format is made in order to save disk space, data usage, and bandwidth so he is commonly used on mobile phones. This is a standard format for MBMS and MMS. This format is supported by 3G or better than that mobile phones, PlayStation 3, Nintendo, and of course Nokia mobile devices. This format is very popular and convenient and you can convert your files easily using numerous converters that can be found online.