Why Will You Need An Iphone Converter

There are a lot of available video converters out there capable of converting video for your iPhone, and it is sometimes hard to chose the right one. But first, let’s take a step back. Why would you even need a converter in a first place? As the most of devices out there, iPhone supports and doesn’t support some of the file formats used for videos. So you can see that you’ll need to convert files if you…

Need to convert videos to iPhone


You have your favorite video on your desktop PC or your laptop, or maybe you have taken the video with some other device or camera, and you want to have it with you on your iPhone. It is not as simple as you would though. Simply transferring video to your iPhone and trying to play it might result in a message that video cannot be played. Most of the time the issue is file formats. As I mentioned, iPhone can play only set file formats, and if your video is windows friendly you will need to use a video converter to correct this. For example files in Windows Media Video, or WMV or files in other formats including avi., mpg, and others. Also, most of the formats used in camcorders, such as MPEG-1 and 2, MTS or DV, will require the use of a video converter in order to be played on your iPhone.

But you’re worried might not end with just file formats. Another common case which implies a use of a video converter is file size. Imagine you have a very large video you want to have on your device. You will need to fit that beautiful 4k video into something more easy for your iPhone to store.

Need to convert iPhone videos to your desktop

Now if you are a Mac user, you’ll probably have next to zero troubles here, and if you need to convert or edit your iPhone videos you’ll have a plethora of Apple products to help you do so. But if you are a windows user, again, simple transfer of your video to the desktop won’t get you far. The problem here is that those beautiful iPhone videos are all encoded in an H.264 video codec. Keep in mind that you are not able to transfer iTunes videos, that you have synced, normally and you would need a video converter program to handle such a task.