Copy DVD Movies (DVD Video Discs)

DVD Video discs may have built-in copy protection and other “hidden” data, so they should be copied exclusively using programs specializing in copying DVD Video discs.

DVD Shrink – free

It is probably the most popular program for copying DVDs. This program can copy all the copy-protected films and, if necessary, performs compression to make content on a smaller-capacity DVD.


DVDFab Definitely is the best and most powerful program for copying DVD movies. It is very nice and pleasant to use. It copies every DVD regardless of region code and copies protection mode. With it, you can make identical copies or you can customize them as you like. Of course, it can also compress the selected parts so that the content will stand on a medium of smaller capacity.

DVD Decrypter – free

DVD DecrypterAn excellent small program that can do several things about copying DVDs. Among other things, we will point out the possibility that we consider most useful: the movie on DVD is always disassembled in several VOB files, so many programs for converting have problems loading these files. DVD Decrypter can extract a movie from a DVD and burn it to a hard drive as one large VOB file.

DVD Decrypter will eliminate all encryption and other copy protection from that file. You can easily open this large VOB file later in MediaCoder or VirtualDubMod and convert it to “DivX movie” or another format. Unfortunately, DVD Decrypter is no longer on the public download page, so it’s not easy to find. otherwise, this is one of the programs that every video master has in his collection.

Universal converters

These are programs designed to convert from one format to another format. In this section, we have listed those programs that deal with a large number of formats, and whose conversion is the primary purpose.

SUPER 2016 – free

Most popular among simple universal video converters. A program for converting from any video format to anyone. This is one of those programs that should always be installed on your computer in case you suddenly need to quickly convert a file to another format. The disadvantages of this program are that the options are too simplified. Another important disadvantage is that it cannot perform two-way encoding.

MediaCoder – freeMediaCoder

The best and most powerful free universal converter with advanced features. It is designed for mass enveloping and automated operation of a large number of files. Ideal in situations where you need to compress a large number of videos (e.g., switch images from a TV card from .MPG to “DivX”). MediaCoder is one of the few converters capable of double-encoded encoding.