All About: DVD Ripper

DVD is an optical disc that is used as a medium of media for high-quality data storage, and in mass use, it mainly serves for storing movies. DVD was originally an abbreviation for a digital video disc, although some of the members of the DVD Forum claim that it should actually mean a digital versatile disc, in order to indicate the potential of such disks in storing non-visual applications. DVD discs are in appearance and size almost identical to CDs.

Extraction of data from optical media (ripping) is a procedure for copying audio and video data of multimedia devices (such as CDs, DVDs or HD DVDs) to another digital storage media such as hard disk, CD, DVD, etc. The purpose of the copying can be to back up the source media, but it is often done with the aim of distributing such material through peer-to-peer services, illegal distribution, even though the material is protected by copyright. In computer jargon, a copying person who is doing this is called a ripper.

DVD rippers are specific programs that you need to have on your computer in order to be able to transfer files like music, movie, video or photos to another device such as a hard drive on your computer. Since DVD discs are not only possible to copy/paste files to a specific computer because they are protected, it is necessary to use some of the specific DVD ripper programs.

DVD RipperThere are a large number of programs on the market that are free to download or for a smaller price. Unfortunately, there are no programs that are used directly online. A large number of sites offering free DVD ripper programs generally offer a lot of other programs that come with the installation and which can significantly slow down your computer, and there are also viruses that can be installed in this way on your devices. It’s very important that you download these programs through trusted sites in order to avoid potential complications that could lead to the stealing of your personal data and deleting your files from a device.