The Most Basic Things About Codecs That You Will Need

The word codec was created as an abbreviation of the coder-decoder. However, the word codec was used for everything, so it became a broad term. However, about codecs it is enough to know a few things:

In simplified terms, there are two main types of codecs, one for reproducing (decoding) and others for use in video compression (encoding) programs.

Codecs for decoding ie. playback – they serve your players to play video in a certain format. They are mostly imperceptible components of windows that run their work in the background and users do not even know about them. For example ffdshow, AC3Filter and the like… Some of these codecs come with Windows, but for everything to work properly, it’s best to install some of the most important ones.

This group includes all similar components that are not decoders but play with them in conjunction with them.

Encoders – Encoding encoders – used in video compression programs such as VirtualDub. For most converters and other video processing software, codecs are already embedded in them, so they do not need to be installed separately.

The most important codec for playing popular video formats:

  1. ffdshow (ffdshow tryouts) – free

It allows you to play many popular video formats such as DivX, XviD, H.264, FLV…

  1. DivX 10 (DivX Plus for Windows)

DivX 10DivX 10 is a package that bundles everything you need to play DivX, DivX Plus HD, and DivX HEVC videos. .AVI, DIVX and.MKV files on your computer and on the web pages. In the package, among other things, you get a DivX Player that delivers exceptional image quality and works well with damaged AVI files. Excellent good performance when playing H.264 video. DivX Player is currently the only player to play video in the new HEVC format. All components for playing DivX videos are free and some components for creating DivX content are activated by registration. In some promotional periods, the entire package is free.

  1. LAV Filters – free

LAV Filters allows you to play virtually all popular video and audio formats as well as open various file format files, including the latest and the most recent. It is practically necessary for your players to open files in the formats MKV, WebM, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG Transport Stream, MPG, OGG…

  1. AC3Filter – free

Extremely high quality and powerful codec that has a whole host of interesting options for audio enthusiasts. It deals with the release of sounds, postprocessing by filtering sound with advanced settings and real-time encoding for SPDIF (digital audio) output from the computer. It allows playback of AC-3 and DTS audio format in all players.