How To Convert DVD Movies To AVI

I like to convert my DVDs to AVI format and store them on my hard drive to back up my favorite movies. Another advantage is that I do not have to carry DVDs with me when I go on the road, but simply copy AVI movies to my notebook and I am done. For this reason, will write about what a good DVD to AVI converter program has to have in order to quickly and easily convert using XviD or DivX codec.

The first important thing is that the program is able to do its purpose in just a few steps. When you download a specific program, and with it install the codecs you will need, your video converter is ready to use. After you have installed the software you can start the program. The first step is to download the DVD folder. I have on my hard drive DVD video_ts directories and all I have to do is direct my newly installed converter to that location. Then you need to select the title among the bidders listed. If there are multiple titles in the list, select the one that matches the length of the movie.

video converterAfter you select the file you want to convert, some advanced programmes will offer you to select and check the appropriate Audio / Video Synchronization. Then you will choose the appropriate codec, and resolution you need, and basically, you are done. If there is, select the Output button, and trough Browse button select the folder and file name you want. Most of the programs offer you the option to play a little bit with settings, especially with the encoder settings, with the purpose of improving the quality of the file you just made.

As you can and will see, most of the programs work on the same basis, the difference is only in their style and design. Of course, if you download the desired program from not so trusted website, you can encounter some of the difficulties such as lack options that you may need.